Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chinese chess gold medal

Phoenix first Gold medal!! Congratulations to the chinese chess team!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


hello people!

Badminton is looking for more players esp GIRLS! there will be a badminton training session on 17th Aug (Tues) 8.0pm-10.00pm. Those interested, email david ng at or sms him at 016-8656516.

for phoenix,

Phoenix is desperately looking for people who are interested in DARTS, BOWLING, SNOOKER and POOL. Interested candidates pls email ickes at We will choose the greatest players. No prior experience is needed!


COME ON PEOPLE. partcipate!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Touch Rugby Training 9 AUG - 5 pm

Hey just got news from the rugby club that there will be touch rugby training tommorow (9august) at 5pm; playing at the basketball court behind imu.

GIRLS AND GUYS are invited to join.

9 august - 5 pm

sorry that this announcement came a little late, we are in the midst of finding a new RUGBY REP due to some unforeseen circumstances.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recruitment for tennis and swimming

Oh and our tennis and swimming sport captains are anxious to start training. Do contact them and let them know when you guys are free so that they can start arranging training session!

Tennis sports rep:Devaraj Navaratnam
Swimming Sports rep: Racheal Ong

And If you're wondering about it. The answer is no. Racheal didn't create a new email specially for this. This was her email since like about 6 years ago when I first got to know her. LOL


IMU Cup Calender

hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm working on it...
Here's the latest IMU Cup calender... Took it from Draco's blog. >.<
Will be updating the blog with list of sports captains soon!

Here's are the links to the IMU Cup Calender:

Oh and we're still short of girls and boys for cheerleading! Next weeks practice sessions will be on Wed and Thrus starting on 6pm. Do come! :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Greetings Phoenix!

IMU CUP is just three weeks time to its commencement and i hope that you guys are preparing hard and sharpening your skills for the various events. This time round, we aim - as a house - to get our hands on as many gold medals as possible which means we need the participation of YOU - the talented, gifted, smart and intellectual ones!

So sports captains, recruitment and trainings are supposed to start NOW- there should be no delay alright? If your team is still lacking of people, do let us know! Every house has been given equipments such as bball, vball, netball, football, etc so if you need them, do contact us!

for those activities that we got a gold, lets maintain the position as the top! and for those activities that we got silver, bronze etc, lets STRIVE for the TOP! Bearing this in mind, i believe this year, we can be the CHAMPIONS!

we can do it phoenix!

min yi

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Urgent: Change of venue - LT1

Dearest to all PHOENIX members,

Tomorrow's AGM at 630 pm is in LT1 instead of Audi A.

Sincere apologies for the last minute change in venue. But, pls do come for the AGM and witness the new phase for Phoenix in 2010. Pls pass this msg around to all Phoenix members!!!

See all of you tomorrow!
Joyce Tey
Vice House Captain 2009

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reminder: Phoenix AGM (14/4, 630 pm, LT1)

A BIG HI to all again,

If you are still UNDECIDED over the positions that you aspire to run for, you could simply submit your details by email with your name, batch and any prior experiences or relevant reasons for running the house committee positions. The deadline for submission will be extended till 13/4/10 (1159 pm).

Once again, the most important requirement is full commitment and full responsibility during your 1 year term during IMU Cup 2010. You must also ensure that IMU Cup participation will not affect your study.

Details of the coming Phoenix AGM:

House Captain (x1)
Vice House Captain (x1)
Secretary (x1)
Vice secretary (x1)
Treasurer (x1)
Vice Treasurer (x1)
Public Relations Officer(s) (x2)
There's a rule in IMU Cup SOP that the VICE positions must be of different courses as the main positions.

For the sub-committe positions such as batch (faculty) representatives and sports captains (representatives), we would like the respective Phoenix members to volunteer for the following posts either through email or during the AGM. Here are the positions required:

Batch reps:
Bmed Science (x1) for both I2/09 & I1/10
Biomedical Science:
- BM1/08 (x1)
- BM1/09 (x1)
- B1/07 (x1)
- B1/08 (x1)
- B1/09 (x1)
Chiropractic (x1) for CH1/10
- DT1/08 (x1)
- DT1/09 (x1)
- DT1/10 (x1)
- M1/08 (x2)
- M2/08 (x2)
- M1/09 (x2)
- M2/09 (x2)
- M1/10 (x2)
Medical Biotechnology:
- MB1/08 (x1)
- MB1/09 (x1)
- P1/08 (x1)
- P1/09 (x1)
- P1/10 (x1)
Nutrition & Dietetics:
- ND1/08 (x1)
- ND1/09 (x1)
- N1/06 (x1)
- N1/07 (x1)
- N1/08 (x1)
- N1/09 (x1)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry:
- PC1/08 (x1)
- PC1/09 (x1)
- PS1/08 (x1)
- PS1/09 (x1)

Sports reps: (1 person may take up more than 1 event in this list)
Basketball (male)
Basketball (female)
Chinese chess
International chess
Futsal (male)
Futsal (female)
Road relay
Table tennis
Track and field
Volleyball (male)
Volleyball (female)
Touch rugby

See all of you!
Joyce Tey
Vice House Captain 2009

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A big HI to all after so long,

Pls note this IMPORTANT date and venue in your personal organiser:

Date: 14 Apr 2010 (Wed)
Venue: LT1 (3rd floor)
Time: 630 pm

We will be holding a HOUSE MEETING to choose our brand new of committe members for Phoenix 2010. In addition, various batch and sports reps will be chosen on the same day. Hence, we would like to extend our heartfelt invitation to all the potential candidates who would like to run for the various posts. The main requirement is to commit full responsibility for your 1 term during IMU CUP 2010 (which starts from May 2010). These are the available house committee members available for running:

House Captain (x1)
Vice House Captain (x1)
Secretary (x1)
Vice secretary (x1)
Treasurer (x1)
Vice Treasurer (x1)
Public Relations Officer(s)

If you are aspiring for the House Committee positions, pls kindly email us your particulars (name, batch, prior, relevant experiences or significant reasons for interested position) by 11 Apr 2010. We are also hunting for the various batch reps (preferably 2 from each batch), as well as the sports reps during the house meeting. See all of you there!!! :))))

Warmest regards,
Joyce Tey Cheng Hwee (M109)
Vice House Captain 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009